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Calm Your Horse with Pericardium 6

Gall Bladder 21 Relaxes the Neck and Shoulders

New! Interview with Diana, from Equinology Spring Newsletter

Diana Thompson and Timothy's Hope

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Learn Emergency Acupressure for your Horse: Restart the Heart and Relieve Pain with Governing Vessel 26

In this newsletter I teach you how to find and use Governing Vessel 26 (GV 26), an acupressure point that’s been shown to restart the heart and breathing in cases of shock and cardiac arrest. It’s also used to relieve pain and calm the horse’s spirit. To explain the benefits of Governing Vessel 26, I share writings from four veterinarians and tell the amazing stories of horse owners who used the point to help horses in distress. Be sure to read about Tilly, a quarter horse mare who collapsed on a mountain trail. Acupressure by horse woman and equine body worker Tamara Yates was the key to Tilly’s survival.

All the best to you and your family for a great 2014 –
Diana Thompson

Caution: If your horse shows signs of illness or a health emergency, call your veterinarian and follow his or her advice. Once medical help is on the way to your barn, use acupressure if time and safety permits.

Acupressure Level One Course Starts April 5, 2014*

*$50 tuition discount if you register by February 10, 2014!

During the six-day Equine Acupressure Level One course, Diana teaches students how to feel qi energy and carry out acupressure sessions on class horses. Students will learn the locations and uses of more than 120 equine acupressure points, twelve organ channels (meridians) and two extraordinary flows of energy. Diana will teach acupressure point combinations and the use of the TCM herb moxa to support a horse’s physical and emotional health.

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Emergency Acupressure Points for Horses50% off SALE!! $7.95 for Diana’s Color Laminated Chart: Emergency Acupressure Points for Horses

Receive 50 % off the retail price of this beautiful six-page color chart. Pay only $7.95 plus tax and shipping. Emergency Acupressure Points for Horses provides six pages of medical information and beautiful color acupressure point charts. It’s designed to help horse owners support their horses in medical emergencies, colic and respiratory illness with fever and coughing. The chart is printed on thick card stock paper and laminated to make it waterproof, which makes it ideal to keep in the barn, tack trunk or horse trailer.

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Click here to learn how Diana's chart helped a horse owner ease her colicking horse while the veterinarian was on the way.

Help Diana find Casper the Rescue Horse a New Home
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CasperCasper is a young quarter horse gelding that Diana has been helping for the past 18 months. He suffered injuries during a difficult birth that left him with odd gaits at the walk and trot and choosing to avoid the canter completely. Veterinarians concluded he would never perform as a cutting horse and euthanasia was suggested. Fortunately, Casper’s owners contacted Diana for help and Casper has responded beautifully to her rehabilitation program. He is now moving almost normally, carrying a rider with pride. He will be four years old March 5, 2014.

Click here to read about Casper’s progress with trainer Jessica Mosbaugh

Click here to learn about Casper's bloodlines and injury history

Click here to see a short video of Casper and photos of him being ridden

Free Printable Charts from Diana's Book

Click here for free printable charts from Acupressure Point Charts for Horses

Acupressure DVD in Production

Diana is creating a comprehensive instructional DVD that will show horse owners how to do equine acupressure. The program will give students a way to learn Diana’s methods and locate some amazing acupressure points up close and detailed! The DVD will be available for purchase later this year. Click here to see photos taken during filming

A Great Gift for Your Horse

Diana's new book, Acupressure Point Charts for Horses, An Illustrated Guide to 128 Point Locations and Uses is in stock now. The 272-page book is printed in a "barn-friendly" flip chart format with 400 photographs and 100 illustrations. Click here to view and print full-size sample pages.

BONUS OFFER: Order Acupressure Point Charts for Horses and receive the 6-page color laminated chart, Emergency Acupressure Points for Horses for only $5.95 (a $10 savings!)

Acupressure Point Charts For Horses

New review from Cheryl Schwartz, DVM, author, Four Paws, Five Directions, A Guide to Chinese Medicine for Cats and Dogs:

"Diana Thompson’s book Acupressure Point Charts for Horses is fabulous for all horse people who want to learn about keeping their horses vital, flexible and healthy. For veterinarians and other horse professionals interested in Chinese Medicine, acupressure and massage, the book offers some of the best photos I’ve seen for locating meridians and points. For lay people, this book is user friendly, with its layout and practical, precise explanations.  Being an educator and author for twenty years, and a holistic veterinarian for thirty, I fully appreciate the work and effort that went into the making of this book. Hats off to you, Diana!" 

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Receive free acupressure point charts, how-to lessons, barn news and much more.

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