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What are the Flower Essences Developed by Dr. Bach?

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Resource List for Flower Essence Information and Products

Note from Diana: The following two books by Dr. Bach – the Twelve Healers and Other Remedies and Heal Thyself, An Explanation of the Real Cause and Cure of Disease - are available free of charge to read or download as noted below. Additional materials by Dr. Bach and extensive free educational material about using the remedies are available on the websites listed on this page.

Books by Dr. Bach

The Twelve Healers by Dr Edward Bach



The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies by Edward Bach M.B., B.S.,M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H. This is Dr. Bach’s famous text that describes the uses of the 38 single flower essences he discovered. This simple, yet profound, book is available at no cost to read or download from the following web sites: www.edwardbach.org and www.bachcentre.com

Heal Thyself



Heal Thyself, An Explanation Of The Real Cause And Cure Of Disease by Dr. Edward Bach MB, BS, DPH Dr. Bach wrote this text as he was beginning to discover the flower essences. In it, he explains his view that physical disease will not be cured until the underlying conflict within a person is addressed. This book is available to read or download at no cost from the following web sites: www.edwardbach.org, www.bachcentre.com and www.healingherbs.co.uk

Websites with Free Educational Materials and Products

The Healing Herbs Company makes the Five-Flower Formula and the 38 single flower essences developed by Dr. Bach. This website is an amazing educational resource. It hosts free recordings and videos on how to understand and use the flower essences. It features material from Nicki Murray, one of the original teachers at the Dr. Bach’s center at Mount Vernon and from Julian Barnard, a student of Nicki Murray who founded the Healing Herbs Company in 1988.

This web site is for the Dr. Edward Bach Centre at Dr. Bach’s former home at Mount Vernon in England. This site is very well done and informative. It has clear, complete instructions on how to mix and use the remedies for use in people. It has information on educational programs, products and free downloadable versions of Dr. Bach’s primary writings.

This web site includes the full text of the book Heal Thyself written in 1931 by Dr. Bach, other writings about Bach’s flower essences, a history of Bach’s life, photos of Bach and research papers. It also has an extensive listing of books, audio tapes and videos about Dr. Bach and the Bach Flower essences.

Flower Essence Services (FES) in Nevada City, California, is the USA distributor for
The Five-Flower Formula and the other 38 single essences from Healing Herbs brand of Dr. Bach’s flower essences. FES phone # is (800) 548-0075.

www.bachflower.com and www.bachflowerbooks.com
This site is a US distributor of the Original Bach® Flower Remedies. It carries many books on the Bach Flowers including most of the books listed below.

The Nelson Company manufactures the Bach Original Flower Essences brand of the flower essences developed by Dr. Bach.

Recommended Books about Dr. Bach and Using the Flower Essences

The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician by Nora Weeks. This landmark book about Bach’s life and work was written by Dr. Bach’s assistant Nora Weeks. It has an introduction by John Diamond, M.D. It’s available through the www.bachflowerbooks.com website.
1973 ISBN: 0-87983-197-9 Keats Publishing Inc. with permission of C.W. Daniel Company

The Bach Remedies Workbook by Stefan Ball. Published by Saffron Walden, The C.W. Daniel Company Limited, 1998, ISBN # 0 85207 311 9
This book is available through the Bach Centre website and the www.bachflower.com website. It is a very helpful work book for learning about the Bach remedies for people.

Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs by Marin J. Scott and Gael Mariani
Findhorn Press ISBN 978-1-84409-099-0 This is a really well done book. It is available through the www.bachflowerbooks.com website.Collected Writings

Collected Writings of Edward Bach, The Man Who Discovered Flower Remedies
Edited by Julian Barnard, founder of the Healing Herbs brand of English flower essences.
ISBN 1-85398-073-0 Reprinted 1998 Available through the Flower Essence Services

The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach, An illustrate Guide to the Flower Remedies
Julian & Martine Barnard, founder of the Healing Herbs brand of English flower essences. This book has lovely color photos of the flowers the essences are prepared from. It details the plant, quotes from Dr. Bach and others regarding the flower essence which is made from the plant and explains the method of preparation of the essence.
ISBN 1-85398-086-2

Jessica BearDictionary of The Bach Flower Remedies, Positive and Negative Aspects
By T. W. Hyne Jones ISBN 0 85207 145 0 This is an inexpensive simple dictionary that provides a quick and valuable guide to each of the 38 remedies. It is available through the www.bachflowerbooks.com website.

The late Jessica Bear, Ph.D. N.D., of Las Vegas, Nevada, was Diana Thompson’s primary teacher in how to use the flower essences developed by Dr. Bach. Jessica wrote three books which are currently out of print. They can be found in outlets of used books.
1) Practical Uses and Applications of the Bach flower Emotional Remedies
2) Bach Flower Herbal Emotional Formulas
3) Treating Animal Illnesses and Emotional States With Flower Essence Remedies, Jessica Bear with co-author Tricia Lewis