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What are RESCUE Remedy® and the Five-Flower Formula™?

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Bach FormulasDr. Bach combined five of the single flower essences he discovered into a formula he named rescue remedy. It is a concentrated liquid solution, called the stock formula, that contains five flower essences in pure water and alcohol as a preservative. The five flowers are Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem. This concentrate is designed to be diluted in water prior to use. A topical cream made from the same five flowers is also available.
I’ve used this formula to help myself, other people and the animals in my care for over 25 years. Because it’s helpful in so many situations, I keep bottles in my barn, house and purse so it’s available when I need it.


Different Names from Different Manufacturers

There are several different manufacturers who make a flower essence product based on the combination formula developed by Dr. Bach. I have experience with two of them.
The product called “RESCUE Remedy®” is manufactured by Bach Original Flower Remedies from the Nelson Company in London, England,
The product called “Five-Flower Formula™” is prepared by Healing Herbs Ltd. of Hereford, England. The name Five-Flower refers to the five flower essences that are combined in the rescue formula.

Both the RESCUE Remedy® and the Five Flower Formula™ contain the same five flowers in a similar (but not the same) formulation. I can vouch for the effectiveness of both of them.

The Five-Flower Formula™ made by Healing Herbs is my favorite brand to use because it uses organic and wild-harvested ingredients. Also, it’s approximately 30 percent less expensive than the RESCUE Remedy® product made by the Bach Original Flower Remedies. I also greatly appreciate the writings and educational efforts of Healing Herbs founder Julian Barnard. The Healing Herbs website, which is www.healingherbs.co.uk, has a number of free lectures and videos for those wishing to learn how to use the essences.

Note: For these articles, I will use the term “rescue formula” as a generic term that refers to the combination formula developed from Dr. Bach and not to any particular brand of that formula.

Watch a video describing how Dr. Bach discovered the flower essences he combined into his rescue formula. This video was produced by Healing Herbs® ltd, manufacturer of the Five-Flower Formula.