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Acupressure to Restart the Heart, Relieve Pain and Anxiety - GV 26

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GV 26 helps revive Tilly, a mare who collapsed on a mountain trail

Real Horses - Governing Vessel 26 (GV 26) Case Studies


GV 26 helps to revive Tilly, a mare who collapsed on a mountain trail.
Click here to read about Tilly and see photos of her rescue

GV 26 and Rescue Remedy Helps Mare in Trailer Accident
Mirjam Terlingen, horse owner and equine body worker from Spain, used Governing Vessel 26 (GV 26) to help her new 10-year-old Thoroughbred mare during a recent emergency. After purchasing the mare and her 20-month old colt, Mirjam trailered the two horses to her farm. When they arrived, Mirjam, her boyfriend and another man opened the trailer door. Much to their dismay, they found that the mare had fallen down in the trailer and was trapped between the trailer wall and a partition.

The three worked quickly to unload the colt and remove the partition. Despite these efforts, and the fact that the colt had been led off to the stable, the mare remained lying down. It had been over 10 minutes since the trailer door had been opened and the mare gave no sign of wanting to move.

Mirjam reached for her bottle of the flower essence formula known as the Bach Rescue Remedy. She put some of the remedy on her fingertips and used them to stimulate the acupressure point known as Governing Vessel 26. Almost immediately, the mare got to her feet and climbed out of the trailer. Within a minute or so, the mare acted as if nothing at all had happened. She subsequently recovered from the accident with no obvious effects.

GV 26 Assists Mare with Emergency Colic Surgery
Boarding stable manager Carol Hess of Elk Grove, California, decided to have her veterinarian operate to save a mare who was severely colicking in the middle of the night. This was in spite of the fact that her veterinarian said he did not have enough anesthetic to keep the mare sedated for the length of time needed to complete the surgery. The alternative was to euthanize the mare without trying to save her.

With no one else at the stable to help, Carol held the mare’s head and manually increased or decreased the amount of anesthetic going through the IV drip as was needed to keep the mare sedated and comfortable. She also used acupressure on Governing Vessel 26, acupressure points on the tips of the ears (er jian) and ear massage to help the mare stay calm, prevent shock and provide additional pain relief. Carol’s veterinarian went to work operating to find the cause of the colic.

The combination worked. The veterinarian found and repaired a twisted intestine that was causing the severe colic. The mare stayed sedated throughout the procedure despite the reduced dose of anesthetic. In fact, the veterinarian finished the surgery with anesthetic to spare. The mare recovered from the colic and the surgery uneventfully. She went on to live with a family with children and perform successfully in lower level jumping events.

GV 26 Calms a Gelding who is Restless and Busy with His Mouth
Wesley is a Thoroughbred cross gelding who is very mouthy (he puts the lead rope, cross ties and brushes into his mouth) and restless. It is hard for him to focus on his handler because he is extremely anxious about his safety. When he’s out in the riding arena away from other horses he constantly looks around, worrying about what might jump out of the nearby trees. He also drifts off emotionally, startling when he wakes up and comes back to the present. His owner reports that acupressure on Governing Vessel 26 (GV 26) is able to calm him as no other point is able to do.

Wesley also has chronic diarrhea and poor muscle development in the lower half of his body. His owner used acupressure on other points, a diet change and Chinese herbs to successfully resolve his diarrhea.

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